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2020-02-25 07:50:50 @tuija @KajKunnas @TuijaBrax @tuijahyyrynen @TuijaPehkonen @siltamaeki @TuijaTa @ValkonenTuire @RantaMeyer @holttajessica @MikkonenTuija @tuijasiljander @jaaktu 👋🌹
2020-02-23 18:37:52 Rain and flame #helsinki #flickr
2020-02-23 00:26:43 Grünberg Constantin, n. 1937: Näkymä Liisankatu 29 - Unioninkatu 39 katolta etelälounaaseen (Kaupunginmuseo, #helsinki)
2020-02-21 16:42:07 Erityisasiantuntija (datasta tietoon pohjautuvat analyysit ja visualisoinnit), Valtioneuvoston kanslia, Helsinki #työpaikat #duunit
2020-02-21 16:17:26 At the end of last year, we were delighted to welcome a baby Alaotran gentle lemur at @JerseyZoo! 🤗 We are working alongside local communities to save these rare lemurs from the continued burning of their habitat around Lake Alaotra in Madagascar.
2020-02-21 07:29:22 @jnkka Timo Koolaa olisin pingannut mutta ei enää vaikutakaan täällä. @duukkis olet kai PHP-botisti mutta satutko tietämään?
2020-02-21 02:30:47 Analog tablet meets shopping list infographic. The Memorette will change your life.
2020-02-20 11:25:39 The first paper from @HelsinkiRats is out in Environmental Education Research! Our MSc student interviewed lower and upper secondary school who had participated in our rat population study by placing track plates all around Helsinki:
2020-02-19 19:50:29 Blue-green algal bloom under ice in Lake Lappajärvi in snow-free Central Finland yesterday, February 18. Lake Lappajärvi is also known as Finland's largest crater lake. #cyanobacteria
2020-02-19 06:42:03 #Kulorastas'alla aikainen pesintä Englannissa. Meillä se on rastaistamme luultavasti arin ja puhdas metsälaji, mutta Keski-Euroopassa puistolintu, jolle pesäpaikaksi kelpaa vaikka liikennevalo. #linnut
2020-02-19 03:57:12 Speculative fiction exercise from my tech ethics class today: Students read short stories & accompanying essays from @Slate's @FutureTenseNow Fiction, discussed relationships to current technology, then wrote fanfiction exploring further ethical issues in same future. [Thread]
2020-02-18 16:56:00 Ernst Haas #photography Western Skies Motel, Colorado, 1978
2020-02-18 03:05:44 Where were you when you 1st heard about this? I was at @RLadiesHelsinki meetup. Yesterday. @Zofiathewitch showed her enthusiasm w/ similar expressions. : ”The goal is to make it ridiculously simple to combine separate ggplots into the same graphic” 👏
2020-02-16 20:32:23 @angelini75 @opencpu @rOpenSci First I downloaded the ogg file from Wikipedia, and then just followed To produce the mp4 I used the av_spectrogram_video function with the same width|height|res arguments given in the example.
2020-02-16 14:38:59 Jari Kätsyri et al: A review of empirical evidence on different uncanny valley hypotheses: Support for perceptual mismatch as one road to the valley of eeriness @AaltoUniversity
2020-02-16 12:07:59 An animated spectrogram of the deep, wonderful nightly calls of the Great Potoo (topped by crickets & other chirping insects), recorded by me in March 2007 at The Laguna del Lagarto Lodge, Costa Rica. File: #rstats {av} by @opencpu @rOpenSci
2020-02-16 02:11:23 More evidence that we are in one of the weirder timelines.
2020-02-15 14:43:16 Happy Valentine's Day from these 2 Pinocchio Rainfrogs (Pristimantis appendiculatus) in the holiday spirit in Mindo, Ecuador. None of the other 500+ amphibians in Ecuador have the same elongated fleshy tubercle at the end of the nose possessed by this frog. W/ @somuchpingle
2020-02-14 04:47:59 Windows Terminal Preview v0.9 Release
2020-02-14 04:45:02 @mrgunn So page numbers solved a production problem. when you had multiple people laying in type and one was faster then another. A printer didn’t necessarily print all the pages in order & when it came to binding, usually done by people who couldn’t read, page #s ensured proper binding
2020-02-14 04:35:15 @BBC_Worklife @tkasasagi Come to think of it, companies such as 900 year-old tea houses, antique art or book shops, top sushi restaurants, ryokans, traditional kimono makers, and even creative companies such as Nintendo, are unlikely to be affected by automation (AI, robots, machinery) any time soon ...
2020-02-13 07:16:03 Suunnittelin gambialaiseen uima-altaaseen valeperspektiivin. Kannatti elää tämäkin viikko.
2020-02-13 07:14:29 Tuli puhetta ihmiskuvista. Sotekeskustelun toivevanhus: jaloillaan pysyvä kotonaan viihtyvä videolaitteita näpräävä pullantuoksuinen harmiton edullisesti ylläpidettävä etämummo, joka antaa jälkeläisilleen positiivista huomiota ja ilolla vastaanottaa satunnaisen kotihoidon. #sote
2020-02-12 20:34:27 Jos valtameret, metsät ja jäätiköt olisivat niin kuin pankit, suuria ja elintärkeitä järjestelmiä, ne pelastettaisiin maksoi mitä maksoi.
2020-02-12 20:25:05 In dem Zusammenhang gibt es auch das Mere Expsoure (Zajonc, 2001): Je öfter wir etwas sehen / lesen / hören, desto mehr mögen wir es.
2020-02-11 04:44:13 Just saw someone reading this on the Helsinki metro, smiling broadly.
2020-02-11 04:16:34 Great article on the history of the iconic Yick Cheong complex in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong (aka the 'Monster Building'), a public housing project built in the 1960s to provide subsidized accommodation for the low-income residents in the city
2020-02-11 04:02:49 @xmacex Probably not related but sending this to your direction anyway
2020-02-10 19:20:15 I was talking to a co-worker this morning I realized that writing code is much less dyslexia-exhausting than writing prose Might be some combination of the amount of text, the fact that IDEs have lots of helpful tools (syntax highlighting, autocomplete) and monospace fonts. 🤔💻
2020-02-10 14:22:35 @sigfridlundberg @existdb @wsalesky any experience about this?
2020-02-10 02:28:58 Min b-uppsats i historia handlade om semlans förändring 1895-1955. Apropå det här med vad som är rimligt att skriva akademisk uppsatser om.
2020-02-09 14:21:53 @pekkasauri Taustalla taitaa olla kaupunginteatterin rakennusmonttu?
2020-02-09 14:04:57 Mammal highlights of a recent 2w trip to the #Mara Triangle in #Kenya, incl. Maasai Mara and the Mara Naboisho Conservancy: family of Bat-eared foxes; Leopard mom & cub in soft evening light; Cheetahs eating a kill; Lions having siesta.
2020-02-09 12:49:26 Rare migratory bird lands in Kenya from Finland.
2020-02-08 15:32:42 @JPvE My pleasure. May I ask has she inherited an adventure mindset from her mother?
2020-02-08 12:12:23 #Merikotka on jo muutaman vuoden ajan pesinyt ulompana #Helsinki'n saaristossa, mutta pesintä keskellä kaupunkia Vanhankaupunginlahden luonnonsuojelualueella on kyllä huikean hieno uutinen! #biodiversiteetti
2020-02-08 12:04:30 Do most park visitors experience wilderness? Last year I used the Flickr API to get 800,000 geotagged photos taken in US national parks, then mapped how far from roads they were taken with my classmates Clare Sullivan and Peter Newman:
2020-02-08 11:59:43 "Not only do we have bots masquerading as humans and humans masquerading as other humans, but also sometimes humans masquerading as bots, pretending to be “artificial-intelligence personal assistants,” -- in order to help tech companies appear to possess cutting-edge AI."
2020-02-08 10:36:08 Detailed, super interesting, frank, and well done. My take from their many important daily maintenance jobs (at least while in the Sahara area): removing sand from the tent zipper with a brush.
2020-02-07 17:36:00 Re-write every single #shiny UI you've ever made, now
2020-02-06 16:47:16 short story about a journal-review-reminder email bot and an out-of-office-reply email bot who fall in love and go on adventures
2020-01-25 01:56:50 @VeridionTours Once in La Selva, one of these was found between the tripod legs of my hb who was busy filming something else. None in our group of 4 ppl hadn’t seen it coming. When spotted, we took it 1st as plastic! Luckily, the snake’s stomach was bulging from food; it was slow & inactive.
2020-01-25 01:23:08 As machine learning methods get better at transcribing, classifying and 'understanding' text and images, is crowdsourcing in cultural heritage becoming more of a framework for engagement with collections, and less of a method for data creation?
2020-01-22 21:20:57 Att skydda bara ett enda skogsområde tar nästan en livstid. Av P3 Dokumentär
2020-01-21 02:52:40 I think fewer people would be excited about moving to Mars if they knew that they’d have to live in deep, shielded caves and that still might not be enough to save them. Good piece by @caleb_scharf on the hazards of living without a global magnetic field
2020-01-21 02:31:29 Just when you think you've seen every supreme example of mimicry in the vertebrates... IRANIAN SPIDER TAILED VIPER
2020-01-21 02:29:58 gorgeous...
2020-01-20 03:18:00 Hiroshi Yamazaki #photography The Sun is Longing for the Sea, 1978.
2020-01-20 03:17:28 'Exploding Mirrors: The Photography of Ori Gersht'
2020-01-19 19:18:49 Page
2020-01-19 14:34:03 Nykyään on kovasti muotia puhua kalvosulkeisten ja sen sellaisten yhteydessä "bullet pointeista". Olen miettinyt, mikä kuvaisi samaa suomen kielellä tarpeeksi tarkasti. Sitten kurkistin Sanastokeskus TSK:n termipankkiin: LUETELMAPALLOT. 😇
2020-01-19 14:31:48 @asspistefi Sama!
2020-01-19 13:40:59 Mr-studio Oy, 1976 - 1984: Öinen näkymä Sturenkadulle Hämeentien risteykseen (Kaupunginmuseo, #helsinki)
2020-01-19 13:21:59 I'm loving Bill Bryson's "The Body". Fascinating - and such effortlessly engaging writing.
2020-01-19 13:05:55 Paul Brown 'Untitled Computer Assisted Drawing' (1975) The program was written in Fortran and drawn with Calcomp's drum pen plotter.
2020-01-19 12:54:34 Exciting news! I am proud to say, I’ll be responsible for running #RLadies #Helsinki (@RLadiesHelsinki ) chapter from now on! Ping me if you want to teach us about #rstats #datascience or if you want to sponsor our events!
2020-01-19 12:26:57 The biggest scholarly publishing advances due to occur in 2020, including AI developments such as, which analyzes article citations to see if they are supporting or contradictory. #AcademicTwitter
2020-01-19 12:20:30 Just in case you have missed: Swepub has a new platform for bibliometrics, data processing and subject classification. You will find it at Read more:
2020-01-19 12:06:43 50M riviä #avoin'ta #kaupunkipyörä #data'a tarjolla! 50M rows of #open #bikeshare #data available! #helsinki #opendata @HSLdevcom #rstats #python #qgis
2020-01-19 02:05:05 At the end of the Miocene, between 5.96-5.33 million years ago, the Mediterranean Sea dried out. The Nile carved a colossal bedrock canyon to ~570 m BELOW present sea level at Cairo and to −170 m at Aswan – some 1000 km upstream from the present day coastline.
2020-01-19 01:32:51 My first #TidyTuesday submission looks at password strength vs category. This confirms my prior suspicion that '1234' is a BAD password! Code here:
2020-01-18 14:51:08 Futuristisk "kaoslagring": 1,3 millionar bøker tilfeldig plassert, gigantiske robotar finn fram akkurat den boka du vil ha. Nasjonalbiblioteket har bøker som bibliotek rundt omkring i landet kan låne dersom dei ikkje har dei tilgjengelege sjølv.
2020-01-18 13:49:47 Tuntematon, 1931: Yöpostikoneen hätälasku yöllä 2.-3.9.1931 (Suomen Ilmailumuseo)
2020-01-18 10:58:15 @MrTimDunn @WellsCathedral1 One of the best cathedrals, anywhere. I love the vault in the nave that crosses over in the middle; never seen anything like it anywhere else.
2020-01-18 10:58:05 The gothic West Front of Wells Cathedral - with c.300 carved figures - in medieval times was painted vibrant colours. Also I learned today of the “Singing Galleries” behind the sculptures: so that trumpets & choirs could play thru apertures, amazing the citizens below. Incredible
2020-01-17 02:36:01 Konttori on vanhempina aikoina yleisesti merkinnyt komeroa, jossa on säilytetty ruokaa, vaatteita tai muuta tarpeellista. #kielikello #murteet
2020-01-17 01:42:58 Y'all. Its the little ones in the #borderlands that just fill me up & break my heart. There's no preparing for a baby horny toad smaller than my pinky, or tiny Woodhouse's toads looking at me like a Hayao Miyazaki character or even the wee-baby wolf spiders riding on mom's back.
2020-01-16 16:12:01 My 5yo asked, “How big is a wolf?” So I Google it... Google’s first result is the option (in browser!) to place a realistic wolf in the room with us so we can walk around it and see for ourselves. Magical. The closest I have felt to a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.
2020-01-16 08:36:10 World's First "Living Machine" Created Using Frog Cells and Artificial Intelligence - Scientific American Read more here: #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #DataScience #MachineLearning #BigData #DeepLearning #NLP #Robots #IoT
2020-01-15 00:59:25 you dont respect birds enough and for that, you will pay
2020-01-15 00:59:19 Does anyone else have sticker anxiety? Like you don’t wanna stick them anywhere cause what if it’s the wrong place? What if you stop using that thing and never see the sticker again?
2020-01-15 00:56:20 Architecture needs an equivalent concept to “actor proofing” for the physical models which you build and then forget to adequately photograph until after they have been sitting around for multiple months/years.
2020-01-15 00:42:22 Here’s some 🎛🎹for you @xmacex 👋
2020-01-14 16:44:39 Tomorrow will be one of the warmest, if not the warmest January day ever recorded in Helsinki, Finland. Records in Kaisaniemi station have been kept since 1844.
2020-01-14 02:23:55 Ok, das is wirklich cool. Innerhalb von 2 min gefaltet und geklebt. Riesen Spass für Kinder und äh ... den Bastler🙂
2020-01-14 02:18:31 One of Australia’s lesser known marsupials - the potoroo! They are much smaller relatives of kangaroos that primarily eat fungi
2020-01-14 01:54:56 Anyone other #rstats people find @drob's #TidyTuesday screencasts useful? I made a spreadsheet with timestamps for hundreds of specific tasks he does: Useful if, like me, you keep going back and ask, "Where in the video did he do [this thing] again?"
2020-01-12 19:40:18 Das Wort zum Sonntag. Heute: Jean-Jacques Rousseau über Eigentum, zitiert nach
2020-01-12 19:32:39 Standing in line at the supermarket, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the idea that the world existed long before there were eyes to see it.
2020-01-12 19:31:05 “The fact that one person, or one company, can take control and completely transform humans’ experience of the night sky, and not just humans, but every organism on Earth … that seems profoundly wrong" — @astrocaits
2020-01-11 18:54:10 «Ansichten aus Afrika» – die neue samstägliche Bildkolumne @RepublikMagazin. Zum Auftakt nimmt uns die Fotografin Nonzuzo Gxekwa mit auf eine Wanderung durch #Johannesburg.
2020-01-11 06:28:57 One of the many things I didn’t know about life in Australia: superannuation = accumulating funds to provide retirement income. Partly compulsory, encouraged by tax benefits Shareholders of UniSuper are 37 universities
2020-01-10 22:38:55 Jordens rotation i en häftig bildserie.
2020-01-10 03:11:04 Tämä tuli taas vastaan twitterissä. Olen lukenut sen joka kerta näin tapahtuessa ja nauttinut aina suuresti. Taisi olla neljäs kerta. Lue hyvä ihminen, jos et ole vielä tähän @arnkil mestariteokseen törmännyt
2020-01-10 03:02:35 One minute you’re young and carefree. And the next, you’re turning down the car stereo to see better.
2020-01-09 08:40:13 A genuinely successful conversation. Level-headed, intellectual, funny. One of the nifty ideas by the chair Nina Granqvist was to ask @hynynen_anna @iidapalosuo @hoopeekoo and Rodrigo Serna Guerrero to bring one physical item for a forward-looking opening talk #aalto10years
2020-01-09 04:27:34 Onko demokratia aina utopiaa, ja jos on, tuskin siitä kannattaa luopua. Vieraana Teppo Eskelinen @yleradio1 @yleareena #yhteiskunta #politiikka #tasaarvo #utopia #asiantuntijuus #valtionhoitopolitiikka
2020-01-08 09:56:23 I wrote a short blog about one of my favorite things that happened last year: #30DayMapChallenge. Contains some statistics, a few shoutouts and a bit of information on what's coming in 2020!
2020-01-07 16:15:03 Aalto University Metro Station 2 on #flickr : #photography
2020-01-06 17:55:19 @amkivi @Tapsalaakso Koodista käy ilmi, että uusimpia twiittejä haetaan max 3200 (Twitterin rajoitus) ja RT't jätetään pois (mutta ovat mukana max'ssa). Testiajo omalla datalla näyttäisi olevan ok mutta mitään perusteellista testausta en ole tehnyt. #rstats #Shiny
2020-01-06 03:02:02 Look at those ears! Wonderful detail of a cave bear in the Alcove of the Lions at Chauvet. This image was created around 30,000 years ago some 6000 years before these beasts became extinct. Photo by Jean Clottes #IceAgeArt
2020-01-05 07:27:12 @enordbac @Hanken_fi Congrats 🌹!
2020-01-03 16:31:38 The world is f'd. But #nudibranchs exist so please don't give up. Anything is possible. Nudis r simultaneously female & male. Some have a detachable 🍆 & others can photosynthesize! There r more than 3000 species of these beauties in the world's oceans. #NudiByNature Video by me.
2020-01-03 08:06:50 Tänne tekisi mieli vetäytyä jouluhälinän keskellä! Akustiikan laboratoriomme uudistetuista tiloista löytyy luultavasti Suomen hiljaisin paikka 🤫 #akustiikka #joulurauha #tutkimus
2020-01-01 06:49:54 @_erikaroper @EarthObserved I feel you. In Finland, media runs fire status reports on a daily basis. Australia is followed closely; many have relatives or friends there and at least part of fauna is well known. Yet I suspect that many take fires as a natural fenomenon, something that ”just happens there”.
2019-12-30 11:13:12 Sometimes working in #researchinfra requires special skills and equipment. I hope Felicia got the recognition she deserved for the work (at least in acknowledgements)
2019-12-29 06:19:55 library(jasmines) set.seed(1) entity_gaussian(5000) %>% unfold_tempest(seed = 1) %>% unfold_worley(seed = 1, frequency = 4) %>% style_ribbon(palette = palette_named("hawaii")) %>% export_image("~/Desktop/worley.png")
2019-12-28 06:50:39 into the wild
2019-12-27 13:01:36 So excited to see this important report from @OCLC Research hit the streets just in time for #cni19f . @thomasgpadilla did an excellent job. Strongly recommended reading.
2019-12-27 11:02:22 @PekkaTMakinen Kiitos, Wellerin konsertti kuuntelussa. Vastavinkki, ellet ole jo huomannut: Areenaan on tullut uusi Bowie-dokumentti Katsomatta vielä.
2019-12-27 10:10:34 Espoossa päätettiin lopettaa musiikkitallenteiden hankinta vuodesta 2021 alkaen. Kysyimme muilta isoilta kirjastoilta, seuraavatko ne perässä: #kirjastofaktat #musiikki 2/2
2019-12-27 10:09:51 Kungliga biblioteket har av regeringen fått i uppdrag att inrätta och förvalta en nationell digital plattform för öppet tillgängliga svenska vetenskapliga tidskrifter. #öppentillgång
2019-12-27 09:58:23 Listening to ⁦Remain In Light by ⁦@angeliquekidjo⁩ An impressive tribute to Talking Heads.
2019-12-24 12:12:02 Datajournalist colleagues note: No paywall for our 3D-scrollytell of dystopian highway dreams of Helsinki in 1960’s. One of our best pieces this year.
2019-12-24 06:51:12 Side-note for professors & teachers: I made it a requirement for students to cite any URL as an @internetarchive'd URL—meaning students had to archive before citing. This class alone created hundreds of archived sources, including obscure posts and whatnot. You should too.
2019-12-22 12:33:10 #TravelByTrain @LNER Four Seasons In One Day edition. Today, in just one #InterCity125 journey, I’ve seen so much, felt so happy, and fallen in love with Scotland all over again.
2019-12-22 06:05:48 @teroterotero *sigh* yeah.
2019-12-21 23:16:10 Elliott Erwitt #photography Dog Show, Birmingham, 1991
2019-12-21 23:14:44 Random thought: do people whose language reads right-to-left prefer right joins over left joins in SQL?
2019-12-21 15:35:58 My kind of town. We hug old friends while toasty souls dominate the evening sidewalks.
2019-12-21 10:09:34 Family finds owl in Christmas tree after a week: 'He was hugging the trunk'. Poor guy.
2019-12-21 10:01:34 Everyday this wall grows several hundred feet across the wild, a steel tyrant sealing us in or out. It strangles the vastness created by something greater than ourselves. No true security is gained when so much freedom is lost. San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge, Ariz.
2019-12-20 19:45:21 @plindberg Tack, det var tydligt.
2019-12-20 19:41:38 Peaceful solstice, hyvää joulua, and happy new year! So much will be happening at Metsähovi in 2020 (think 2019 on steroids), but now it's time for some quiet and rest. See you next year! (Photo by Merja Tornikoski)
2019-12-20 07:28:08 @plindberg Utan att bli utvecklare själv tror jag mig förstå de andra men vad menar du med symmetri här?
2019-12-20 07:19:24 In a pristine rainforest in Borneo, tiny Bornean Treehole Frogs call to create a magical nocturnal soundscape. #biodiversity #soundscape #fieldrecording
2019-12-19 07:49:43 @ernestopriego Agreed, although when all affiliations are geocoded and mapped (those that were easily found), global cooperation becomes a bit more visible. Code: #rstats
2019-12-18 10:55:00 Climate crisis, artificial intelligence, and vaccines top the list of 2019’s most discussed research. Explore the trends and highlights from the 2019 Top 100: #AltmetricTop100
2019-12-18 04:51:47 TIL: This does not do what you'd expect (dummy example): while read -r LINE; do ssh -l $USER $HOST $CMD done < <( ls -1a "$DIR" ) It will only call ssh once! The call to ssh will connect stdin to it, consuming the rest of the ls(1) output. Add '-n' to the ssh call.
2019-12-18 04:35:27 Gray foxes are the only canids that can climb trees. In the #Sonoran Desert they often drag fawn and rabbit skeletons onto branches with them to mark their territories. Alexander Badyaev, prof. of evolutionary biology at the U of A, photo'd these two in a palo verde near Tucson.
2019-12-17 16:56:30 @DiamonDie 😲
2019-12-17 16:54:18 @DiamonDie Probably. At least you very seldom find it in normal shops. I’ve heard that there are some direct selling farmers/coops where it’s more regularly available but haven’t tried them. Mainly due to lack of suitable storage space.
2019-12-17 16:30:06 @DiamonDie Exactly. Tried them once but immediately started to miss Blue Congo with the beautiful (non-meat) violet color.
2019-12-17 01:59:06 A new species of #Latrodectus has been described from Zululand by Wright et al.: (images from paper) The species name is umbukwane, a siZulu word meaning "something eye-catching or spectacular that one cannot simply walk past it due to its profound beauty"
2019-12-16 07:31:54 Size comparisons of some modern animals versus their extinct relatives. (Credit: @marycmclain)
2019-12-16 02:14:18 The best poems are owls. A reflection of the landscape, but singular and strange. Smooth and effortless as smoke. A trick of the eye that scatters bones in the underbrush, hard and real.
2019-12-16 02:12:29 Vietin juuri pari vuotta yliopistomaailmassa Iso-Britanniassa, jossa on hypätty kaksin jaloin "opiskelija on asiakas" ajatteluun. Lopputuloksena aivan käsittämättömiä vääristymiä yliopiston toiminnassa "asiakaspalvelun" nimissä. Esimerkiksi..
2019-12-15 03:57:36 EO On This Day: Old Night Vision Meets New Images from Suomi NPP are an order of magnitude better than previous satellite views of city lights. #NASAEO20 #EarthDayEveryDay
2019-12-15 03:50:46 Brassaï #photography Black Cat, 1945
2019-12-15 03:23:59 End of an era: Today was the last day in service of the final original TGV trains. In operation since 1981, they revolutionised rail travel in France and beyond. It was a challenge but the technology was adapted for a train able to run under the sea... #TrainTwitter
2019-12-13 18:07:26 Oh no!
2019-12-13 17:10:45 Piippu on Isolla Verkkosaarella toimineen Sörnäs Ab höyrysahan, joka paloi 1928 Maakannaksen päässä siitä on Pieni Verkkosaari. Nyt molemmat ovat osa tulevaa Kalasatamaa. Ks. myös hieno kartta-aikakone kiitos @karttalehtinen
2019-12-13 08:03:55 @SarahEMyhre "A Bird came down the walk" by Emily Dickinson
2019-12-12 06:58:36 Och finskan har följt svenskan med mankeli.
2019-12-12 06:49:40 Man kan vara tilskuer både om det gäller ett sportevenemang och en konstsamling. Tilskuer är månadens nordiska ord på vår webbplats. #tilskuer #danska #nordisktord #Norden #nordiskaspråk
2019-12-12 06:44:08 Kids, if anyone ever questions your "computer art" please point them to what 95 year old #VeraMolnar has to say.
2019-12-11 22:55:57 Azteca ant colonies move the same way leopards' spots form rt @physorg_com
2019-12-11 22:50:59 Transmissible cancers = where cancer cells act like #pathogens, spreading among #animals + causing disease. Tasmanian devil populations have been significantly impacted by this form of cancer (Devil Facial Tumour Disease) – for very cool work on devils -> @davidghamilton1 (2/7)
2019-12-11 22:38:30 @dakvid Thanks for your statistical efforts. I think I should be listed although not a big deal :) The tweet about my first map left without a proper title so here is it again: #30DayMapChallenge Day 1: Point
2019-12-11 15:37:38 A gorge on the Rwanduz river, yesterday. One of many narrow, winding canyons in this area. I’m fortunate to have seen this river now in all four seasons, and it’s beautifully different and equally dramatic in each #kurdistan #twitterkurds
2019-12-11 12:25:23 #MothAdventCalendar, day 1. Most of a moth’s life is spent in its immature stages (i.e. before it becomes, typically, a winged adult). This ‘mouldy grain of rice’ is a case that houses the caterpillar of the exceeedingly rare Richardson’s Case-bearer. Portland, Dorset, January.
2019-12-11 12:23:16 #MothAdventCalendar, day 6. Geoff! This year I have learnt not to be ‘size-ist’ about moths. One of many stunning micromoths I have encountered is Alabonia geoffrella, commonly known as ‘Geoff’. Once my eye was in, I saw it all over the place in late May and June. #mothsmatter
2019-12-11 12:18:21 Ahead of 2020 elections in Ghana, citizens fight against extreme surge in data costs "an effective use of platforms can help to make the difference between winning and losing"
2019-12-11 07:01:18 LÄS dagens upprop "Kris i skogen" (av 26 organisationer, 1 sameby & 13 forskare) En av närmare 2250 arter 😭 arter som lider & minskar pga svenskt skogsbruk är duvhök. Vi har dem i stan, i gamla pampiga tallar. #swegreen #svpol #skyddaskogen #skog
2019-12-11 06:50:56 It's official: @NYCCouncil passes, by vote of 41- 3, landmark legislation ensuring all new buildings use bird-friendly glass. Congrats @NYCSpeakerCoJo, @RLEspinal, @NYCAudubon, @theanimalvoters, @nyclass, @wildbirdfund!
2019-12-11 06:40:01 Hello #rstats twitter! 🎄🎅 I'm extremely happy to announce my second annual #packagecalendar! This year I created a blog where I will write a short post about a package every day for the first 24 days of December!
2019-12-11 06:38:22 I don't trust girlboss companies who use intimate gal pal language with their workers any more than I trusted techbro companies who installed ping pong tables for their workers. absent of actual worker protections, informality is just an accelerant for work-life boundary erosion
2019-12-09 18:53:58 Lynch: Scientific Nationalism is a growing concern around the world. Controlling who can work with whom via funding and “security” issues #cni19f It will have a variety of implications on how science develops in an interational environment
2019-12-09 18:51:23 Not science fiction: Cliff Lynch notes at #cni19f that there are agencies/institutions that are archiving encrypted internet flows and files right now, so that when quantum computing unlocks today’s encryption, they can go back and decrypt all of the older traffic/files. (!)
2019-12-09 17:03:07 Bonin Volker von, 04.1980: Lapsiperheitä Kauppatorilla Kolera-altaan äärellä. (Kaupunginmuseo, #helsinki)
2019-12-09 09:43:43 "1. Inom EU efter 1 år : 95 000 anmälningar om brott ifrån individer vars rättigheter genom GDPR eventuellt har överträtts 2. I Sverige efter 1 år: 4 300 personuppgiftsincidenter inrapporterade till Datainspektionen (i Holland rapporteras 2 000 i månaden) och i ökande takt"
2019-12-09 07:43:11 "Kaikki painava, kuten komeetat ja syyllisyys / otetaan tosissaan paljon helpommin kuin ilo" -Reetta Pekkanen: Kärhi
2019-12-09 01:45:36 Vuoden nimi 2019 on Liisankatu – Elisabetsgatan. #nimet #vuodennimi #Liisankatu
2019-12-09 01:15:16 My friend bought the best book.
2019-12-09 01:09:27 I’m pointing a camera over a small patch of carpet in my room. Will see if anything interesting happens there during the next couple of days.
2019-12-08 17:57:52 Finland’s government is now led by these five party leaders. #newgeneration
2019-12-08 08:47:01 They are truly amazing, but it's sobering that so much "flute lyrebird" country has been impacted by the fires in northern NSW 😢
2019-12-08 08:39:13 This is a still photo from the movie Blade Runner 2049. The second photo is Sydney 2019. #nofilter #ClimateEmergency #dystopia
2019-12-08 08:30:46 Veckans nyord: solnedgångsklausul
2019-12-07 20:08:14 we live in a society #pixelart #ドット絵 #aseprite
2019-12-07 20:04:21 This makes me so happy! Norwegian lawmakers decide to finally give access to court rulings, after Supreme Court upheld an absurd claim that publishing them violated intellectual property rights. #fixcopyright
2019-12-07 14:12:30 The letter omega Ω comes from the ancient Greek symbol for headphones.
2019-12-06 14:15:12 @bazblackadder @TwitterSupport Indeed. I still managed to get the zipped archive last summer but now it seems to be gone. Such a pity, although all good must end. Anyway, after some searching I found this which (or similar) seems to be the way to go.
2019-12-06 13:12:57 Deserves a retweet. Because she was so very kind, and because I may have had something to do with this! @AstroSamantha and Internet ❤️
2019-12-06 12:42:21 This commercial was banned from TV for being too political. I think everyone should see it x
2019-12-06 12:30:35 Erittäin kiinnostava väitös! @TampereUni @TampereUniSOC #sociology Suomalainen huippukilpailullinen tieteen rahoitusjärjestelmä kapeuttanut näkemystä hyvästä sosiologiasta
2019-12-06 05:28:52 Folks, I rarely visit dashboards anymore. My ggplots come straight to my inbox: if (forecast > 100) { render_connect_email(input = "alert-team-email.Rmd") attach_connect_email( subject = sprintf("Prepare %d units!", demand_forecast), attachments = c("forecast.csv") }
2019-12-06 02:28:25 So you are probably wondering where Long-tailed ducks from #Arctic Russia go to in the winter. Have a look. Thanks to Thiemo Karwinkel for the movie. #ornithology
2019-12-06 02:27:48 The Deep Sea: This is an incredibly cool (kid friendly) way to experience & discover the creatures of the depths! Scroll away! #scicomm #deepsea
2019-12-06 02:14:28 took me all day of watching videos but I think I cracked the Power BI riddle: Power BI is a GUI on top of both the M query language and the DAX pivoting/aggregating language, a platform for data exploration, reporting, & dashboarding which can't be checked into version control
2019-12-05 07:04:44 Hakli Kari, 1957 - 1958: Munkkiniemen yhteiskoulu (Kaupunginmuseo, #helsinki)
2019-12-05 06:27:26 Learnt count() only yesterday from this nice #TidyTuesday screencast of analyzing NYC’s squirrels by @drob #rstats
2019-12-05 06:11:40 #MMLjoulukalenteri Regaalioikeus on alun perin Italiasta Ruotsi-Suomeen 1500-luvulla tullut oppi valtion yliomistusoikeudesta. Sen perusteella valtio voi ottaa yksinoikeuden joihinkin rajattuihin taloudellisiin etuuksiin, kuten esimerkiksi arvokkaisiin kaivoksiin 👉 vuoriregaali.
2019-12-04 20:29:06 Geamana, Romania, once a bustling village in a fertile valley, today a ruin lying under 90 metres of industrial waste [photo: Tamas Dezso, Amos Chapple]
2019-12-01 11:00:53 Coming soon: 3D movement track animations using #moveVis 0.10.4 thanks to #rayshader by @tylermorganwall and #ggplot2 by @hadleywickham et al.! Will also make it possible to supply altitude data as z values within the move object. Updates: #rstats #dataviz
2019-12-01 07:17:46 @touqo Leuatusten.
2019-12-01 03:49:55 @gontsa I’ll miss your maps.
2019-11-30 15:36:52 Warm 👋 to all of you #30DayMapChallenge folks, it was a pleasure. Special greetings to @aschiff @Grisoudre @hrbrmstr @zentree for your #rstats code to look up to. And @tjukanov - you have that special gift to engage people. Much appreciated🌍
2019-11-30 14:35:49 #30DayMapChallenge Day 30: #Home is where the heart is, they say. Big chunks of mine are in Corcovado NP, Costa Rica & in Danum Valley, Malesian Borneo. But Helsinki is where I live, and it's good. At 2pm the sun is already low. DEM10 @fgi_nls Code #Rstats
2019-11-30 01:14:52 Medelsnittssvensson: Förfasar sig när offentliga sektorn får problem efter pga avtal med leverantörer som erbjuder oseriösa underpriser. Också Medelsnittssvensson: Köper löjligt billiga icke säkerhetsklassade elektronikprylar från Asien som riskerar att bränna ned deras hem.
2019-11-30 01:13:52 Scientists in Sweden have created a liquid that can absorb solar energy and store it as a thermal fuel for as long as 18 years. The fluid works like a rechargeable battery, but instead of electricity, sunlight goes in and heat comes out when it's needed.
2019-11-30 00:46:52 ... and just like that, the game changed...
2019-11-29 19:39:36 #30DayMapChallenge Day 29: Experimental. Laser scanning data is intriguing. Thanks to free course material by @CSCfi on the #lidR #Rstats package for forestry applications I looked into a 500x500 m patch of Nuuksio NP. Data by @fgi_nls Notebook:
2019-11-29 02:15:10 Let’s take a moment to honor the confluence of #entomology, #poetry, and human suffering; a pause for Dr. Justin Schmidt — winner of the Ig Nobel Prize for physiology and entomology — and his insect pain index. He traveled the world stinging himself for poetry and science.
2019-11-28 17:31:52 #30DayMapChallenge Day 28: Funny. At least I chuckled a bit myself at these funky city bike curves showing hourly departures in April 2019 from Aalto University & Kulosaari metro station respectively. Data via @HRInfoshare Source: #rstats #sf #gganimate
2019-11-28 17:04:57 The latest The #Aalto University Weekly! Thanks to @EevaHoutbeckers @ttso @lankoski #digitwindemoday #30daymapchallenge
2019-11-28 16:58:10 Hiza-ga-warau (Japan) – the wobbly feeling in your legs after running upstairs. Literally 'my knees are laughing'
2019-11-28 16:57:42 Vikko Barsokevitsch. 1897-1900, Kuopio, Kuninkaankatu 14. (Kuopion kulttuurihistoriallinen museo)
2019-11-28 16:55:51 Alkaa pikku hiljaa olla aika valmistautua mystiseen matkaan vyöhykkeelle. Tässä Toni Jerrmanin upea matkaraportti, olkaa hyvät! Stalker nähdään sunnuntaina #teemanelokuvafestivaali.
2019-11-27 20:59:57 Hey, we are hiring | Meillä on paikka auki - and if that didn’t impress you, here’s some more👇
2019-11-27 19:43:28 #30DayMapChallenge Day 27: Resources. One of the most precious resources is clean air. Luckily, concentration levels of nitrogen dioxide in #Helsinki haven't increased. Data: Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority. Code: #rstats #sf #ggspatial
2019-11-26 21:30:15 Brassai #photography Le Tour Eiffel, 1929
2019-11-26 21:08:35 #30DayMapChallenge Day 26: hydrology. Meandering river Oulanka. From @Maanmittaus elevation models with QGIS.
2019-11-26 20:44:34 #30DayMapChallenge Day 26: Hydrology. Watershed of the river Vantaa, plus #Helsinki region waterways until Gulf of Finland. Code: Data via @SYKEint VALUE @HRInfoshare #rstats #sf
2019-11-26 16:21:50 Hydrology. Not sure if beavers move rivers, humans sometimes do. Like in Koskenkylä, PERNAJA (💪), Finland. I remember this being mentioned in one of my old geography textbooks. Data: @Maanmittaus #30DayMapChallenge #pernaja #koskenkylä #forsby
2019-11-26 16:20:25 #30DayMapChallenge Día 26. Hidrología (Hydrology). Distribución de la precipitación Anual en la #CDMX, donde se observa que, típicamente, la temporada de lluvias va de mayo a inicios de octubre. #RStats con datos del Atlas de Riego de la CDMX.
2019-11-26 16:17:15 Letting my state flow on its own for today's #30DayMapChallenge "Hydrology" #rstats {tigris} {sf} {ggplot2} Code: + all the social coding sites
2019-11-26 16:12:05 #30DayMapChallenge 26. Hydrology: Bathymetry of the Baltic Sea along the Estonian coast together with the elevation map of Estonia
2019-11-25 19:34:54 #30DayMapChallenge Day 25: Climate. Roofs in our neighbourhood on Kulosaari #Helsinki suitable for solar panels (incl. our house) Data by Eurosense via @HRInfoshare from the Decumanus project. Code: #rstats #sf #leaflet #htmlwidgets
2019-11-24 12:33:17 #30DayMapChallenge Day 24: Statistics. Night time light emissions in Helsinki region in May 2014 as seen by @NOAASatellites Data from the #DECUMANUS project via @HRInfoshare Code: #RStats #sf #ggplot
2019-11-24 05:35:03 Miksei puututa harhaanjohtaviin elintarvikkeiden nimiin? Lihaliemikuutio ei ole kuutio vaan suorakulmainen särmiö.
2019-11-24 04:52:20 #30DayMapChallenge Day 23. Population Regional population age structures at a glance – a book of demographic stories in one image code: text: #rstats the 🎨 – {tricolore} 📦 @jschoeley
2019-11-23 18:49:58 #30DayMapChallenge Day 23: Population. Downtown Helsinki is a popular place to live in most age groups but especially when you are around 30. Source: Population grid of Helsinki metropolitan area @HRInfoshare Code: #rstats #sf #tmap
2019-11-23 01:36:01
2019-11-23 01:29:07 Eric Van Nynatten
2019-11-23 01:26:45 Liverpool from Wapping, 1875 #impressionism #johngrimshaw
2019-11-23 01:23:18 #30DayMapChallenge Day 22 : Built environment - Bâti à Lille #Lille #RStats #OpenData
2019-11-22 18:40:00 #30DayMapChallenge Day 22: Built environment. If all other lights were off in #Helsinki except those on the bridges and overpasses. Data via @HRInfoshare Code: #rstats
2019-11-22 04:58:24 Aftermaths of earlier snow storms in Vladivostok, all pictures Tatianna Soroka
2019-11-22 04:50:46 Rosor är röda, violer är blå, handläggningstid är ett år, eller två.
2019-11-22 04:41:29 I dag kom en undersökning från @SRSisuradio om sjukskrivningar och arbetsskador som drabbat finska arbetskraftsinvandrare. Jag skrev om det, om finsk arbetarklass och om dem som sliter i dag:
2019-11-22 04:35:57 just nu i linköping city: en kvinna har dragit ut en skarvsladd på trottoaren för att kunna röka & ladda telefonen samtidigt
2019-11-22 04:24:05 New blog post by Achim Zeileis, Paul Murrell, Martin Maechler, and Deepayan Sarkar: A New palette() for R.
2019-11-22 01:25:05 Wonderful illustration by Xiao Xiao
2019-11-22 01:14:21 Nocturnes by Belgian painter William Degouve de Nuncques [sometimes Nunques] (1867–1935)
2019-11-22 01:13:20 Mammoths and stone-age humans once roamed Doggerland, the lost land submerged by the North Sea
2019-11-21 21:19:24 Heinonen Eino, 1949 - 1950: Pihakuva, Kirkkokatu 1 a. Pihalla seisova pikkutyttö on Maija Rahola (myöh. Pahkala) (Kaupunginmuseo, #helsinki)
2019-11-21 20:44:53 #30DayMapChallenge Day 21: Environment. Many a photo by @signebrander reveals just how rocky @helsinki was not so long ago. There is still plenty of bedrock visible. The biggest one is ~31500 m2 on the Harakka Island, a busy artists colony. Code:
2019-11-21 17:57:23 Hier hatte ich mein Sohn mit gebracht zum Konferenz. Der Liebster war aber beim poster session eingeschlafen.
2019-11-21 16:50:36 #30DayMapChallenge day 21: only 5 city districts in Hamburg having more trees than cars
2019-11-21 01:46:45 Prior to journals, scientists like Galileo would publish discoveries as... anagrams! So they could reveal nothing, but if someone else later made the discovery, they'd claim priority. And you thought closed-access journals were bad .
2019-11-21 01:31:38 #30DayMapChallenge 20: lauki. Ja katrs novads pārvērstos par lauku, ko tur visbiežāk audzē, tik lielu, cik vidēji piesaka, mums būtu 432 ha zāles un 58 ha kviešu.
2019-11-20 16:44:19 #30DayMapChallenge Day 20: Rural. In 2016, there were seven farms inside the City of Helsinki that received subsidies from the EU. One of them is located on an island. Code: Data by former MAVI via @CSCfi AVAA #rstats #tmap #sf
2019-11-20 01:27:54 Love this video from @CenterForBioDiv of Florida panthers, alligators, bears, bobcats, deer & coyotes cruising thru wildlife crossings beneath highways as unwitting commuters zoom over at 70mph. These crossings are an effective tool 4 combatting habitat fragmentation and also...
2019-11-20 01:21:46 This little huntsman pulled in its legs and made itself look like a mark on a leaf the minute it saw me. Bako NP, Borneo.
2019-11-20 00:02:02 My collaborator Qingnan Zhou has open sourced his awesome Mosiac generator. Used to create the thingi10k and tetwild images.
2019-11-19 23:55:41 #RLSDay "There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign." Robert Louis Stevenson. #RobertLouisStevenson was born #OTD 1850, and spent his final years on Upolu Island, Samoa, dying there in 1894.
2019-11-19 21:20:52 Year of construction of buildings in Lviv, Ukraine. Shaded according to year of construction buildings in the center of city. Lviv was founded near the beginning of the 13th century. #30DayMapChallenge Day 19: Urban Data: #OpenStreetMap contributors, #qgis
2019-11-19 20:29:09 #30DayMapChallenge Day 19: Urban. The more urban, the more noise - that's how it still is, unfortunately. Highest decibel levels by Helsinki metro in 2017, just before the metro line was extended to the W. Code: #ggplot #sf #rstats @HRInfoshare
2019-11-19 16:13:16 @evelynuuemaa Kohtla-Järve is interestingly split.
2019-11-19 03:58:45 Victoria’s Waddington Alley - the last remaining stretch of city street paved with wooden blocks. From the 1850’s, it was made from old-growth Douglas fir taken from the bottom of a lake. The curb is lined with a metal carriage rail.
2019-11-18 21:41:46 @CarmenCarro_ Hmm sorry but something is not right here... All the spots can not be megacities.
2019-11-18 19:55:38 #30DayMapChallenge Day 18: Globe. The Big One, and the one in Stockholm a.k.a Ericsson Globe All the code of thanks to by @espinielli except for the tiny magenta dot. #ggplot #sf #rnaturalearth
2019-11-18 02:24:01
2019-11-18 02:12:20 XSLT 1.0 was published 20 years ago today. Here are few of my thoughts and opinions about it's impact 20 years later. If only all technology we collectively work on could have similar impact and ubiquity. #XSLT #XML
2019-11-17 20:30:05 Stardate: -303303. Milky Way Galaxy. Orion Arm. Solar System. Terra (Earth). Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Lepidoptera Superfamily: Bombycoidea Family: Saturniidae. The Saturniidae Caterpillar [photograph by Marco Fisher]
2019-11-17 20:23:59 Massive rainfall in recent days is producing very high flows of freshwater -> spectacular haloclines at the mouth of Italian rivers entering the Adriatic. Pic ( by Layla Hughes nr. Trieste) shows 2: top left seawater, top right turbid R. Isonzo, below R. Timavo coastal springs.
2019-11-17 19:54:19 Day 17 of the #30DayMapChallenge with the theme Zones! I looked at houses in the Christchurch redzone, which is the exclusion zone from the major 2011 earthquakes. If you look at aerial imagery now, you can see that these areas are now covered in grass as buildings are removed
2019-11-17 18:23:18 #30daymapchallenge Day 17: Zones. Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL) fare zones since April 2019 Hello @d3js_org - it's been a while! Fond memories from the courses by @miskaknapek in 4/2014 in Tampere, and by @alignedleft in 12/2015 on the interwebs.
2019-11-17 06:53:40 @carolprobets @wildambience That’s good news 🌹
2019-11-17 03:17:06 Mike Mandel #photography Skyway, Santa Cruz, 1970-73.
2019-11-17 02:25:41 A map of cites, with size proportional to population and colour reflecting the % trips made in those cities by walking 🚶 ♂️🚶 ♀️. Sobering stuff!
2019-11-17 02:19:48 World champion of house prices.
2019-11-16 21:03:46 Day 16 of the #30DayMapChallenge, places. My movements at my workplace according to Google maps timeline. You know where to find me 😉
2019-11-16 15:24:55 #30DayMapChallenge Day 16: Places. There's no place like a Finnish school! The Pro (=job) version of Power BI doesn't allow me to share, so here's the .pbix file if you want to check: Data imported with #rstats from @Maanmittaus
2019-11-16 05:14:52 For two years I watched a borderlands black bear cub grow up on four of my remote wildlife cameras. I named the cub Monsoon after watching videos of it relishing swims in monsoon rains. Monsoon is know roaming solo, beefed up and beautiful. The borderlands are wild and wonderful.
2019-11-16 00:34:19 I've been travelling unexpectedly all day today. But I still had 5 minutes to scrawl out a map for today's challenge #30DayMapChallenge Congrats #Finland #euro2020 !
2019-11-15 15:06:09 Sad news. Listening to the album by @wildambience and hoping that at least some of the area will recover.
2019-11-15 14:33:41 #30DayMapChallenge Day 15: Names. Most common street name categories in Helsinki: person, mill, historic (ruins etc), municipality (metaname!), farming, Kalevala (epic), music, stars, Seven brothers (literary canon), boats. Code: #ggplot #sf @HRInfoshare
2019-11-15 06:17:18 Names. I ran a sentiment analysis on @helsinki street names (or street address name points) using the demo tools of #Kielipankki. As we all know, the machine never lies. Such cheerful results. Data: @HelsinkiKymp #30DayMapChallenge #helsinki #nimistö #dataviz #maps
2019-11-14 19:50:32 #30DayMapChallenge Day 14: Boundaries. Greater Helsinki is still surprisingly non-built, with small lakes here and there. Code: #ggplot2 #sf
2019-11-14 02:19:56 Sahlep is a delicious hot creamy milky drink, very popular in Egypt during the winter months. It is made with milk, suger, Sahlap Powder (orchid bulb powder) served always with cinnamon, coconut and nuts. #sahlep #drink #beverage #winter #foodtour #سحلب @ Alexandria, Egypt
2019-11-14 02:12:02 Smoke from #Australia 🇦🇺 has crossed the Pacific Ocean. #smoke #AustraliaFires #bushfires #NSWfires #NASAWorldview:
2019-11-14 02:04:57 Curiosity noticed something baffling in Martian atmosphere: oxygen, the gas many Earth creatures use to breathe, behaves in a way that so far scientists cannot explain through any known chemical processes.
2019-11-13 20:15:08 Día 13 del #30DayMapChallenge con clave 'tracks' así que aporto mapa de la fascinante red de senderos de La Palma, de @CabLaPalma. Fuentes: senderos de @lapalmaopendata, silueta y relieve de la isla del @IGNSpain.
2019-11-13 19:42:40 #30DayMapChallenge Day 13: Tracks. Where the world's northernmost metro system meets Finland's southernmost coastline. Code: #Rstats #sf #ggplot #ggrepel
2019-11-13 01:22:15 Also had to get ahead of Tuesday's #30DayMapChallenge due to time constraints. Here's Day 12 "movement" showing worker outflows from Maine counties to non-Maine counties based on ACS 2011-2015 5-Year commuting study. #rstats {sf} {ggplot2} Code: (et al)
2019-11-13 01:04:31 #30DayMapChallenge 11. Elevation: papercut elevation map of Estonia
2019-11-13 01:01:06 #30DayMapChallenge 12: kustība. Šovasar nereti nācās iesprūst uz Jūrmalas šosejas. Žēl, ka neiedomājos ātrāk izvilkt Waze datus, septembrī sastrēgumi jau bija retāki.
2019-11-12 19:57:31 #30DayMapChallenge Day 12: Movement. Legacy Endomondo Sports tracker data on a 10 m elevation map of Saariselkä, Inari by @fgi_nls Cross-country skiing it was. The snow depth back then, in Dec 2014, was almost the same as now, ~40 cm. Code: #rstats #sf
2019-11-11 20:59:01 Gunnar Brusewitz (1924-2004) is probably the biggest influence on my landscape art. I’ve been around his books all my life and they’re the reason I wanted to learn watercolor as a kid. Here’s a small appreciation thread on just one of those books (Lång vår, 1977).
2019-11-11 20:47:56 @KataMustakallio Samoin, väliä Kokemäki-Rauma sen melkein viimeisinä vuosina.
2019-11-11 20:15:42 #30DayMapChallenge Day 11: Elevation. In early December, during the polar night, I'll be cross-country skiing here in Saariselkä, somewhere inside the V5211 grid by @fgi_nls DEM 10 m. Code: #rstats #ggplot2 #rayshader
2019-11-11 00:05:51 #30daymapchallenge Day 10: black and white Railroad network Santiago, Chile (BCN, s/f)
2019-11-11 00:04:24 Rin Rin #voxelart #magicavoxel #3d #characterdesign #frog
2019-11-10 20:08:09 Valokuvaamo Varjus, 1963: Poika hyppää korkeutta koulun pihalla. (Uusikaupunki, Uudenkaupungin museo)
2019-11-10 12:15:32 #30DayMapChallenge 10: B&W. Snow depth yesterday at weather stations in Finland Code: The bigger the circle, the more snow. Was lazy and used data via but glad to see there's #fmi2 ! @rOpenGov #geofi #RStats
2019-11-09 12:10:58 And the code
2019-11-09 12:09:11 #30DayMapChallenge 9: Yellow. Helsinki city bikes and their current 345 stations are mostly yellow. Here are all the stations mapped with #rstats #ggplot2 and the station Baana (red dot) in May 2016, one week after the bike launch.
2019-11-09 01:36:21 Secure web server: > Email/password please. Insecure web server: > I just don't know if I'm good I?
2019-11-09 01:33:40 [1/4] Ok this is really funny, check this out. I was in the process of booking a flight via @OneTravel. Trying to make me book ASAP, they claimed: "38 people are looking at this flight". Whoa, 38 is a lot, I have to hurry up. But first I have to check how they came up with 38 >>
2019-11-09 01:27:09 Day 7: Red More monochrome! All 14443 GPS points are a semi-transparent bird footprint belonging to one of 28 individual birds. The Red-backed shrike is also a Red List bird meaning the population is in severe decline and globally threatened #30DayMapChallenge #WomenInGeospatial
2019-11-09 01:21:52 Day 9 of #30DayMapChallenge - yellow: Lighthouses. Code:
2019-11-09 01:18:06 #30DayMapChallenge 6. Blue Today i checked data from There are few countries that have detailed GIS data. Wind power density 🍃🌪️in Rwanda 🇷🇼and Madagascar🇲🇬 #dataviz #data #maps #ggplot #rstats #renewable #GIS #Rwanda #Madagascar #wind #SDG7 #Africa
2019-11-08 16:09:38 Todella mielenkiintoista #avoindata'a @HSLdevcom / @HSL_HRT'tä: #kaupunkipyörillä ajetut matkat! Data sis. tiedot yksittäisten matkojen lähtö- ja päätösasemista, lähtö- ja päätösajoista, pituuksista sekä kestoista. #kaupunkipyörä #pyöräily #pyöräliikenne
2019-11-08 12:35:41 .@elsevierpure International Conference 2019 was in Prague. Yours truly on stage here talking about DIY #altmetrics dashboards written in #RStats using data from Pure Slide deck Photos by Rishab Kaul
2019-11-08 09:07:09 #30DayMapChallenge Day 8: Green. Trees in the Urban tree database of the City of Helsinki that stand inside valuable public environments Data via @HRInfoshare Code: More at: #RStats #Shiny #leaflet #mapview
2019-11-08 04:50:12 A 28 km long stretch of white cliffs and a deserted dark grey quarz+ titanomagnetite sand beach, north of Iturup island in Sakhalin region. Pictures by Dmitry Kulikov in collaboration with Sakhalin information and tourism centre
2019-11-07 17:56:59 #30DayMapChallenge 7: Red. The app 'Red-listed rainforest trees' dates back to 2014 (and the age shows) Also, the GBIF API q wrapper rgbif has had a facelift (great!) so my old #rstats code isn't reproducible any longer. More at:
2019-11-07 03:58:00 How gorgeous is this forester on the Conospermum flowers. So much shimmery blue and only 1cm long (Pollanisus sp.) #moth #WildOz #pollinators
2019-11-06 21:14:18 #30DayMapChallenge 6: Blue - as in Red-flanked bluetail, Finnish Breeding Bird Atlas (1986–89) #leaflet #rstats #shiny application More at
2019-11-06 01:42:57 Lake Chad. The countries of Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger are all represented in this image. Also present, but not visibile is the Dar As Salam Refugee Camp where thousands of refugees are housed after fleeing from violence in northern Nigeria.
2019-11-06 01:29:50 @tjukanov As promised, here is the hexagon map QGIS has been processing all night. Tree density in Europe. Data: Tool: QGIS #30DayMapChallenge
2019-11-06 01:19:22 @inari_ta Day 2, Lines. The hidden logic of my home city, Bogotá, revealed through its street names. Bogotá is an almost perfect grid which follows the hills, which are backdrop of the city. The "Carreras" (yellow) run parallel to the hills, while "Calles" (blue) are perpendicular (1/2)
2019-11-05 17:13:42 In 2015, I georeferenced the image of an old map feat. my home island, made custom tiles from it (inspired by Kyle Walker), added roads & buildings, and made a #leaflet map More at #qgis #rstats #30DayMapChallenge Day 5: raster.
2019-11-05 01:34:37 #30DayMapChallenge 2. Lines Here are updated maps of countries that send and receive #remittance (zooming into the least developed countries) based on the latest available @worldbankdata #dataviz #data #maps #LDC #FinancialInclusion #ggplot #rstats
2019-11-04 10:27:18 Density of trees of the Tilia family (linden) - the most common one here - in the Urban Tree Database of the City of Helsinki. #30DayMapChallenge 4. Hexagons. Code: #ggplot #Rstats
2019-11-03 10:40:01 Jokeri light rail line (plan). #30DayMapChallenge 3. Polygons. Yes, looks like a line but isn't. Code: #ggplot #sf #rstats
2019-11-02 13:19:27 Horse riding tracks in Helsinki. #30DayMapChallenge 2. Lines Code: #ggplot #sf
2019-11-02 04:15:29 My #30DayMapChallenge no. 2 - contour lines of Mount Taranaki. Code:
2019-11-01 20:16:45 Whereabouts of VOI electric scooters in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Status: locked, and battery level >=80% (The red dot is Helsinki Central Station) Thanks to the FB group Finnish Open Data Ecosystem for this hint: #30DayMapChallenge #ggplot #rstats
2019-11-01 11:29:36 #30DayMapChallenge 1. Points - Bus stops distribution and concentration in the Island of Sardinia cc @OpendataCorsica @openras @Sard_opendata
2019-11-01 09:06:43 Hastighetslotteriet av Volkswagen Sverige HT @yukaichou #digisfääri
2019-11-01 08:16:49 The elements of a successful game by Yu-Kai Chou. #digisfääri
2019-11-01 07:18:00 People are asking me questions via direct messages. Please ask! My DMs are open and I’m a foreigner who has lived in Finland for 10+ years so ask me anything! #tenureTrack #neuroscience
2019-11-01 07:16:54 Worldwide Starbucks Locations #30DayMapChallenge Data Source:
2019-10-31 04:12:01 @KnitMeAThneed @dpsSpiders @ORCID_Org @KewScience @CrossrefOrg See @gbilder on “cargo cults” for more on this. So we end up with ORCIDs for “Ian” because Ian very sensibly wanted to get on with doing science, not muck about with this week's must-have identifier.
2019-10-31 03:32:07 Over a year ago @dpsSpiders asked if one could guess citation style based on formatted citation: Turns out answer is “yes”:
2019-10-30 10:07:24 Congratulation to Finnish film education for turning 60 years this week! Film education in Finland actually began among the first in Europe, several years before the other Nordic countries. #aaltoelo60 #finnishfilm #filmeducation @AaltoARTS
2019-10-30 09:54:12 @realsci_DE Was also sagt ist dass die meisten Werke dieser Authoren denselben Fingerabdruck haben, andere jedoch nicht. Vielleicht verschiedene Genres?
2019-10-30 06:53:25 @esavaliv :)
2019-10-29 20:21:41 Just sold our last Orbicular Lamp! time to generate some more
2019-10-29 17:46:01 @realsci_DE Intressant! Kannst du bitte noch ein bisschen genauer darauf eingehen?
2019-10-29 17:18:48 Hochdimensionale Daten Visualisieren. Zalando Research (@zalandoresearch) hat einen interessanten Datensatz veröffentlicht, an dem man (unter anderem) Visualisierungsalgorithmen ausprobieren und Benchmarken kann: Graustufenbilder (28x28 Pixel) von Kledungsstücken.
2019-10-29 16:51:43 50 years ago today: #OTD in 1969, the first online message was sent on ARPANET, the predecessor of the #Internet, between computers at @UCLA & @Stanford. It read “LO.” It should have been LOGIN but it crashed after the first two letters.😉 @ConversationUK
2019-10-29 01:34:23 The creatures came from above, because no-one looked up from their phones.
2019-10-28 02:04:55 if you leave the room i’m in. i will always follow you to the next one. whatever this adventure is. you don’t have to do it alone
2019-10-27 14:16:57 Solar observations of 40 years as open data! Great work, @Metsahovi! #research #data
2019-10-27 05:57:03 Prove me wrong
2019-10-26 14:57:09 Shape Study 05
2019-10-26 14:56:10 Mai-Abend in Stockholm, 1916, Gabriele Munter
2019-10-26 14:47:20 While retweeting about Siberia, remembered this one. To be read.
2019-10-26 14:39:52 Waking up under a thick blanket of fog, this was Vladivostok, Russia's Pacific capital earlier this morning. Several flights were delayed at Vladivostok International Airport. Pictures by Sergey Grebenyuk and Natalie Nes
2019-10-26 14:38:26 Fishing time at Vostochniy nature reserve on shore of the sea of Okhotsk, island of Sakhalin. Pictures credit Alexander Kolgin, Roman Shatrov
2019-10-26 13:52:32 mapsplaining is when you tell someone to use purrr instead of whatever they already use to iterate
2019-10-26 01:08:49 I want to get into video games (in my copious free time) but I dislike story&visuals of most games - not into guns, fighting, weird creatures. Is there a game that takes place in a well lit Danish furniture store,and goal is to quietly arrange objects that only have right angles?
2019-10-26 00:42:17 Amazing natural geology looks like Moorish architecture. Formed by percolation in the ash from an explosion 760K years ago 2000x bigger than Mt. St. Helens!
2019-10-26 00:35:43 'Pwnagotchi' Is the Open Source Handheld That Eats Wi-Fi Handshakes via @vice
2019-10-26 00:09:18 ”After 100 years, San Francisco is calling for an end to its disastrous pilot project for dockless personal vehicles, colloquially known as cars.”
2019-10-25 20:24:32 > Hello world! #rstats #rstatsES
2019-10-25 07:13:37 Pyre on #flickr : #photography
2019-10-25 07:12:12 College Students Just Want Normal Libraries
2019-10-25 07:10:01 Re-visiting this story and I still find it mind-blowing that a city would spend $30 million dollars installing cameras and sensors that sacrifice public privacy in the hopes that someone will use all of the data to "make an app that helps people find empty parking spaces"
2019-10-25 06:53:18 Onpa taas #funkis-talobongari onnellinen kuvaparista. A. J. Jäppisen kauppa peltikuorisena Googlessa sekä Pieksämäen Haapakosken kyläyhdistys ry:n arkistossa. #Pieksämäki
2019-10-24 15:05:43 [blogpost] My take-home from @freya_eu #RDAPlenary14 workshop: Interfacing the @datacite #PIDgraph with R using {ghql} from @rOpenSci and #tidyverse tools #rstats
2019-10-24 13:44:37 @PekkaTMakinen Niistä saa kätevän sivuston (tai ainakin tykkään itse)
2019-10-22 23:29:37 Lisää ilmoituksia vuodelta 1984: Kansanedustaja "Esko Aho on saanut työhuoneeseensa tietokoneen käyttöön ja tarjoaa sen kapasiteettia muiden edustajien tutustumiskäyttöön." #historia #puoluehistoria
2019-10-22 23:15:10 Tonight’s movie theater is coming together! The slope of the hill makes a nice natural amphitheater. Still not sure the projector is in the right place. Can’t check until it gets darker.
2019-10-22 23:12:38 I'm thinking it would also be nice for it to have some kind of attract mode. If no-one has entered any commands after a while it should print out a few lines to make some noise and get attention. #xyzzy
2019-10-22 23:10:04 Measuring seven metres in diameter and hanging from the ancient rafters of @LancasterPriory Church, The Moon features detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. See it at #LightupLancaster >>> #LUL19 🌕
2019-10-22 22:20:48 Who doesn't enjoy a good DataGIF? But is animation a good way to show trends on small screens? When is a small multiple design better? Find out in a #ieeevis paper by @mattbrehmer @bongshin @dr_pi @slowalpaca
2019-10-22 22:14:41 Nice idea from Leo Yu-Ho Lo, Yao Ming, and Huamin Qu. Scaffold teaching vis tools by starting with simpler tools with low expressive ceilings, and staircase up the complexity and flexibility. Teaching material here: #ieeevis
2019-10-22 15:22:34 Callie Neylan draws similarities between software design and urban planning (hi Jane Jacobs!) “Digital infrastructure can be just as difficult to change as physical infrastructure” 👏 #ieeevis #VisInPractice
2019-10-21 02:13:13 Jane Wong, a 25-year-old software engineer in Hong Kong, checks every new line of code every time one of her smartphone's apps get an update. She locates new code, reverse-engineers it and finds new features before they are announced. “I do it mostly for personal amusement.”
2019-10-21 02:06:39 The new reality is that people will not only be reading your research for pure technical contributions, but will also look at your funding sources, collaborators and motivation. This scrutiny will not only happen in the US. See recent examples also in the UK and Australia.
2019-10-21 02:02:49 i love that this keeps happening.
2019-10-20 10:49:58 @asspistefi Katsoo kameraan
2019-10-19 11:40:03 Lithuania has one of the most interesting and unusual brewing traditions in the world, and should be on your short list for foreign travel. Here’s a primer.
2019-10-17 13:09:43 2. Time is your unfair advantage. Untangle student papers, e.g. back-propagation was introduced by a Finnish Master student. Revisit old ideas that might work now (ANN), or tinker with the StyleGAN-BigGAN hybrid that was just released in a Kaggle kernel.
2019-10-15 09:15:35 Foto Roos, 26.09.1964: Messuhalli, Mäntymäenkenttä (Kaupunginmuseo, #helsinki)
2019-10-15 07:24:50 more info about #BeilsteinOS2019 can be found on this #Scholia page: (almost all speakers are listed now)
2019-10-14 14:15:18 Hello world! This is the first post of @LUMIhpc, the #EuroHPC pre-#exascale ecosystem LUMI at @CSCfi's datacenter in Kajaani, Finland, in collaboration with the LUMI consortium. Follow this account for news about #lumisupercomputer #lumieurohpc #HPC
2019-10-14 13:55:47 Ethiopia adopts a national #openaccess policy. A new national open access policy will transform #research and education in Ethiopia – and now the work begins, writes EIFL guest blogger Dr Solomon Mekonnen Tekle.
2019-10-14 13:40:52 @aarontay @UoML_Steve Hm, not quite. The 3rd vid on top row labelled "Recording #2sfj70yyclc0 (Oct 10, 2019 16:30:02)"
2019-10-14 13:27:14 @aarontay @UoML_Steve It's available at (hope the link doesn't break) starting at 1:54 or so
2019-10-13 22:28:14 I forget where I saw this: but absolutely co-signing the fact that modern motherhood is wishing your children were asleep so you can look at pictures of them.
2019-10-13 22:27:07 The uncanny side of progress: Photographs by Emil Otto Hoppé (1878–1972)
2019-10-13 19:41:14 Frontend engineers who also manage infra should be called <div>ops
2019-10-12 19:33:03 This is my favourite thing in recent memory, a literal plugin to fix a product’s perceived shortcomings. (Thx, @obra!)
2019-10-12 19:14:49 @geenielina @helsinkikuvaa Kyllä, Kulosaaren siltahan se siinä.
2019-10-12 14:45:42 Well done! I particularly like the way you can drill down into different service sectors. At @AaltoUniversity the status is given from a higher level Not bad that either but perhaps a bit more detailed wouldn’t do any harm... 👋
2019-10-12 11:44:45 Playing with @rstudio Cloud w/ my credentials. In alpha. No fee so far. Seems to be a very promising platform for an university course, say. See e.g. #rstats
2019-10-12 05:34:00 Das @RepublikMagazin lanciert den #RepublikTechPodcast, hurra! Hören, abonnieren, super Sache! Und für die, die sagen, die Republik sei doch so links: der fixe Partner der starken @adfichter, Nicolas Zahn, ist von der #FDP und dem IT-Riesen @elcaIT_de.
2019-10-12 05:23:31 [Ctrl-w] # Delete the previous word on the command line (before the cursor). This is highly useful when reusing old commands.
2019-10-12 05:18:01 @shunley42 @chrislbs @usdatagov Mostly my frustration is seeing the decisions of decades ago reflected in the data. The decisions about a mainframe a long time ago, along with the prevalence of SAS in the government, has lead to a specific way to work with these files
2019-10-12 05:10:12 New article on ggplot2-tutor. How to create a time series in ggplot with a datset on the development of global temperatures since 1880: #rstats #ggplot2
2019-10-12 05:09:39 Hi. I recently developed an e-learning framework that lets you build #elearning courses from markdown files. It's free, called Saoirse and built on top of #gatsby. Feel free to try it! Looking forward to hear your feedback:
2019-10-12 01:12:46 Teknillisen geologian @AaltoUniversity professori Jussi Leveinen demonstroi Professorit metrossa -tapahtumassa suklaalevyn avulla, miksi suora tunneli kohteesta A kohteeseen B ei ole paras ratkaisu. #professorit50 #sivistyksenpuolesta
2019-10-11 19:01:59 Fallen colours #helsinki #finland #leaves #ground #autumn #pni3xp
2019-10-11 11:30:57 The Gartner Hype Cycle is … hype. Don’t use it as an excuse. Excellent breakdown of an oft-used model and its misapplication, particularly for Bitcoin, by tech author and Wikipedian @davidgerard
2019-10-11 11:27:13 A great day for #opencitations data: the iCite Database is now on the web as an NIH @figshare collection. This includes "link-level, public-domain citation data from the NIH Open Citation Collection" //heads up @opencitations #scientometrics #bibliometrics
2019-10-11 07:38:46 "The study also looks at article usage data, analyzing the proportion of views to OA articles vs views to articles which are closed access. Signal processing techniques [convolusion] are used to model how these viewership patterns change over time."
2019-10-10 21:47:22 Just a small sample of the overwhelming cicadellid diversity seen in the Ecuadorian cloud forest. Too many leafhoppers! Just read they're the second-largest hemipteran family (what's the first?)
2019-10-10 19:54:54 Myös kirjoitettu kieli vaikuttaa puhuttuun, ei pelkästään toisinpäin. Tänään kuulin: "Mä olin siinä ihan kolmena pisteenä." Eli esim. chateissa hämmästystä tai sanattomaksi jäämistä ilmaisevat pisteet (...) voi tulla puheeseen – kertomaan sanallisesti sanattomuudesta. #kieli
2019-10-10 16:38:44 Tim Bowman: Altmetrics and Listservs: scraped listserv archives (58k+ messages across 3 listservs = hard!) Listservs are filters so another proxy for academic impact #6amconf
2019-10-10 16:31:09 How to address rising instability? "Resist the tendencies of simplistic evaluation." Well said, @juancommander . #6amconf
2019-10-09 19:59:05 Ny forskning: Därför har påståenden som består av ord i alfabetisk ordning högre trovärdighet
2019-10-09 19:31:42 Would you go see a talk that was presented exclusively from a linux terminal?
2019-10-08 19:18:31 🤔 If developers were linguists... Person 1: How do you say "????" in Italian? Person 2: Why don't you use Japanese? It's a much better language.
2019-10-08 03:20:21 Starting off the first #PublicInterestTech University Network Convening, formed bc 'there was no clear and robust pipeline from computer science, engineering, and data science into the public sector' One year in, twenty one universities have come together to try and fix this.
2019-10-05 11:09:57 .@ProfLiitto 50v-juhlavuoden tapahtuma: Professorit metrossa torstaina 10.10. Helsingin yliopiston metroasemalla klo 11.30 ja Aalto-yliopiston metroasemalla klo 13.00. Tervetuloa! #professorit50 #sivistyksenpuolesta
2019-10-05 05:05:32 Learned last week from the man himself (JJ Allaire) that you can execute Python scripts in RStudio and it just *knows* #rstats (the first reticulate command auto-ran)
2019-10-05 04:59:43 I am speechless. This is a horrific but incredibly impressive use of @msexcel.
2019-10-04 16:15:05 @DiamonDie I’m sorry. Something has clearly happened after your pinned tweet from last year. Today’s HS ran a story about Just FYI.
2019-10-04 04:00:37 @Ruiskukkahattu ja sieltä linkki Image examples
2019-10-04 03:51:02 The Fantastic futures-conferences is a collaboration between National Library of Norway @Nasjonalbibl and @StanfordLibs The 1st conference was in 2018, Oslo: and the next one will be in Dec 2019 in Stanford
2019-10-03 02:36:32 It's amazing anything ever works at all.
2019-10-03 01:38:03 Jonas Stier, professor vid Högskolan Dalarna: ”Forskare börjar tystna, många vill inte längre synas på sociala medier eller i debatten, pga det tuffare samtalsklimatet och allt fler hot”. #forskom
2019-10-02 15:31:46 The international @RoRInstitute consortium ”will codesign projects and share data to inform comparative analysis of research systems and cultures, and develop, test and apply novel approaches to decision-making, prioritisation, allocation and evaluation.”
2019-10-01 19:07:23 @KristiinaFS Eh. Piippu mainittu.
2019-09-28 14:02:22 Having (too much) fun in generating fake Finnish names and job titles with the #rstats charlatan package by @sckottie HT 'Interfacing R and Python' by @datawookie at PyData Berlin 2018
2019-09-28 12:52:09 We've reached the plagiarism singularity folks. One, happy, self-contained marketplace.
2019-09-28 00:47:53 A history lesson for people who think that history doesn't matter: What's the big deal about railroad tracks? The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Well, because that's the way
2019-09-28 00:31:17 ”Hicks says that it’s not enough for technologists like those behind Alexa to simply make something that works; they need to be aware of who the technology is actually meant to serve.” Great article by @davegershgorn on these new Alexa “features-not-bugs”
2019-09-27 08:37:33 Urban Arctic foxes in Reykjavik surveyed from IKEA parking place video surveillance tapes. Ester Unnsteinsdóttir explains: "There is this christmas goat which everyone tries to burn, so there's extensive 24/7 surveillance." #ecm8
2019-09-27 06:17:28 Making a CV/ Resume is something I always put off. But thanks to the {pagedown}, {purrr}, and {glue} packages I can store my positions in lists and build the output programatically. This way I tell myself I'm doing 'data-aggregation' and 'presentation' for my career. #rstats
2019-09-27 02:00:56 Move over, #hän! A witty campaign argues for this gender-neutral Finnish pronoun embodying equality. Billions of speakers of African Niger-Congo languages can lend their gender-neutral pronouns to this endeavour.
2019-09-27 01:28:13 Amazing #clouds formation over the Rock #Gibraltar 📸 @Robert1969Rob
2019-09-26 03:32:10 Latitude twins! Major cities and towns in North America replaced by major cities across the Atlantic by latitude. Source:
2019-09-24 16:47:39 The new Dryad is here! You can now independently publish datasets (outside of a journal submission). Support for preprints and data versioning too! 🤩
2019-09-24 14:13:01 @aivoAALTO Picasso and the inferior temporal cortex "there are neurons sensitive to rotation of the faces, just like in picasso's paintings"
2019-09-22 11:27:19 A3: "Non-traditional" students are the new normal. Over a third of college students are older than 25, and almost half attend part-time. More from @HigherLearnAdv in this handy 101: #MillennialMon
2019-09-22 11:26:33 Interesting.: pay-per-use pricing model for e-lab notebook. An on-demand approach to Research Information Management (RIM) aimed at small biotech firms/startups. Wonder what the ELN migration rate looks like, generally.
2019-09-21 04:39:24 what's an sql query you've written that was really hard and/or fun to write? (either the query or just what it did!)
2019-09-21 04:09:07 Nettikommentti paloturvallisuutta käsittelevässä jutussa: "En voi ymmärtää, että joku laittaa liedelle edes hetkellisesti mitään mikä sinne ei kuulu. Lehtiä, muoviastioita tms. Minulla se on samanlainen pakonomainen eiei kuin se, että leipää ei voi säilyttää väärin päin."
2019-09-18 08:00:44 A study in Finland has shown that beaver created ponds have been beneficial to both terrestrial and semi-aquatic mammals in both species richness and abundance, alongside the already well documented benefits to fish, amphibians, insects and waterbirds.
2019-09-17 19:40:03 The @isostandards committee just voted @neo4j backed #GQL as a new international language standard for #graphdatabases. Their first new DB standard since #SQL
2019-09-17 19:04:12 Tuntematon, 1898: Kaivopuisto (Kaupunginmuseo, #helsinki)
2019-09-17 15:57:54 Hello, stranger. I’m glad you decided to join me on this impromptu tour of a somewhat forgotten era of computing: the time when Screens Were Expensive – and so computers had no choice but to use smaller screens, small screens, and even ridiculously tiny screens. Shall we…?
2019-09-17 15:34:26 If you type the word ‘askew’ into Google, the page will tilt.
2019-09-17 11:31:36 @sigfridlundberg @yleareena Det var här jag hörde av dom båda för första gången. Löfstedt måste jag kolla då också...tack.
2019-09-17 11:02:05 Ända tills 12.12 i @yleareena En fin dokumentär av Nils Petter Löfsted, lysande bilder av Jean Hermanson.
2019-09-17 03:20:09 Just discovered the #scicomm format 24/7, used at the IG Nobel gala: first, a complete, technical description in 24 seconds, then, a clear summary that anyone can understand in 7 words. Will probably try that at my next communication workshop for researchers.
2019-09-15 19:37:13 On screen soon in Joensuu and Turku Hopefully some day also at @DocPointHKI or elsewhere near you (me).
2019-09-15 13:01:32 @KataMustakallio Löytyi googlen kuvahaulla ’heikinkatu 1920 luku’ :)
2019-09-15 12:56:39 @KataMustakallio Kuvia mm. vuodelta 1939, jossa näkyvät puut ja taustalla Höplärin torni.
2019-09-15 11:08:25 Has been an awesome first week training #QGIS in Rwanda!
2019-09-15 10:26:52 Would love to see eg @AaltoASH to grab and extend ideas from this. @AaltoUniversity has got science and art under the same roof already so let them do the magic and give us tools for “understanding and action”
2019-09-15 04:11:26 Gary Larson's official website for The Far Side stayed virtually untouched since July 2000, a time capsule of the early web—until yesterday, when it got its first redesign in 19 years.
2019-09-15 04:10:00 This dissertation-cum-book might be interesting read. Hint: @HULib has one copy in their New Aquisitions shelf (leafed through it yesterday). As a road, Pan-American is familiar to anyone who has ever visited eg Central America.
2019-09-15 03:38:33 If you were to attend a 45-minute-long talk about SQL for Data Science, what questions would you most hope would be answered by the presentation?
2019-09-14 08:49:10 Shirley Baker #photography Hulme, Manchester, 1965.
2019-09-14 08:48:20 Shirley Baker #photography A caravan becomes an office to deal with rehousing claims, Hulme, Manchester, August 1965
2019-09-14 04:01:10 Kids today: "you mean the 'save' button represents some kind of physical storage disk? OMG" Me today: "you mean 'upper case' and 'lower case' refer to the physical cases where printers kept their letters? OMG"
2019-09-14 03:34:23 Incredible behaviour and intelligence shown in rats. It makes one wonder where else we underestimate the mental capacities in non-human animals.
2019-09-13 19:03:29 Super-excited! We here at @YleUutiset just released a new edugame Troll Factory that teaches you how fake news is spread - and why. It’s out now, read the story from @TechCrunch! #journalism #medialiteracy
2019-09-10 16:12:10 Pope Francis underlined a central message of his trip to Madagascar: protection of the island nation’s natural riches is vital for the country and for the preservation of the “common home.” via @Mongabay
2019-09-10 16:06:51 ”What we’ve consistently seen is that in typical enterprises most of their data is actually stored in very structured databases. And the challenge, instead [of finding needles in (unstructured) haystacks], is to answer unstructured queries.”
2019-09-10 15:54:49 @osulop @RiikkaPulkkinen
2019-09-10 15:52:08 Kiitos Hotellimuusat-podcastista @RiikkaPulkkinen ja Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen, tykkäsin. Olen yrittänyt löytää sen Hilkka-Liisan mainitseman lehden, jossa oli suomalaisen ja ruotsalaisen valokuvaajan sarja naapurimaasta (kaatumassa olevat ruotsalaiset jne)? Lisävihjeistä 🙏
2019-09-07 18:47:07 Robert Frank #photography 34th Street, New York City (Straight Line), 1947
2019-09-07 01:47:23 These are pretty powerful. Together alone indeed.
2019-09-07 01:38:37 Is #FollowFriday still a thing? My favourite source of news from China and Hong Kong is @SariArhoHavren As a recent example, she explains clearly and crisply what China’s Corporate Social Credit System, to be launched next year, is about.
2019-09-06 08:25:23 @bubblbu_ @germanabarata @stefhaustein @RodrigoCostas1 @Isabella83 @ZohrehZahedi @mikethelwall @altmetricsWS @6AMconf @altmetric @PLOSONE CONCLUSION: If we care about the public’s sharing of research on social media, then we should not be ignoring Facebook. LOTS happening there we are not seeing. The #altmetrics community needs to keep digging further into the platform, despite the technical challenges.
2019-09-04 19:21:59 Bonin Volker von, 07.1960: Näköala Tuomiokirkon tornista kaakkoon (Kaupunginmuseo, #helsinki)
2019-09-04 03:21:08 “Hong Kong democracy goddess” statue is the result of a crowded funded project, where HKD200k (~USD25k) was raised within 6 hours. The details of the design was also decided via public voting, so democratic values is embedded in the art creation process.
2019-09-04 03:09:00 @gwenshap We had a phrase for it: “the right way, the wrong way, and the MIT way.” The MIT way is like the right way, but ten years ahead of its time and weird. The trick is deciding when to give up on the MIT way and switch to the right way. We may have stolen this meme from NASA.
2019-09-04 03:05:03 localghost: 127.0.0.o.o.o.O.O.o.o.0.1
2019-09-04 02:39:28 New post: Why we don't visualize uncertainty about a paper by @JessicaHullman #dataviz #infographics #ddj
2019-09-04 02:10:43 I don't know who needs to see this, but here ya go.
2019-09-03 16:56:41 Check out #CROCI! Beautiful initiative by Ivan Heibi @essepuntato and @dshotton, signed @opencitations. They’re opening up scholarly citations via #crowdsourcing! New to the methodology? Get started with this #definition 👉
2019-09-03 13:41:46 You were looking for a new favorite ant, right? I’ve got one for you. First thing it has going for it is its name. Seriously. Just say it out loud: 🔥Gigantiops destructor 🔥 Amazing, right? [thread below; new video here:]
2019-09-03 13:36:11 "In addition to 'epistemic modesty,' we need a 'social aggressiveness' to accomplish social goals." @SJasanoff's concept in the #ISSI2019 context. Great keynote lecture on combatting unscrutinized quantification by @UMich Assoc. Prof John Carson.
2019-09-03 08:04:05 .@csugimoto announces that @digitalsci has partnered with the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (@issi_pres) to provide no-cost access to @Altmetric and @DSDimensions data & tools for research #issi2019
2019-09-03 01:33:38 Tuli kova katovuosi Tällä välin kipasimme me puuhun Noin kului taas joku wuosi Varmasti kuulen jo aaltojen pauhun
2019-09-03 01:32:04 Don Hong Oai #photography
2019-09-02 08:58:12 #Rstats Users’ Salaries from the 2019 @Stackoverflow Survey #DataScience
2019-09-01 13:16:06 new #rstats pkg #citecorp on cran - Client for the Open Citations Corpus
2019-09-01 12:49:14 I just read a footnote citing a work I wanted to read. But it used no URL & I didn't want to rekey the citation. Tried something new & it worked the first time. Snapped it with my Android phone, viewed it through Google Lens, cut/pasted the text into an email to self. Wow.
2019-09-01 04:24:11 Using high school geometry to show how the Netflix recommendation engine works
2019-09-01 04:12:04 Rendering a picture of my next novel. A hall from the house where the story takes place.
2019-09-01 03:53:57 The urban concept of sci-fi streets by Eddie Mendoza
2019-09-01 03:27:36 Cue – A language for defining, generating, and validating data
2019-08-31 14:40:52 Muiden kirjailijoiden koulutausta oli lukio, Martin Amis.
2019-08-31 09:30:44 William Turner - The Burning of the Houses of #Parliament. 1824. #london
2019-08-31 03:26:24 Voi hitto. Mietin että mitä ihmettä tuo metsämyyrä touhuaa kolmatta päivää mökillä. Nyt tajusin, se on löytänyt lakupussin ja roudaa niitä johonkin. #mökkilive #motiondection #nature #iot
2019-08-31 03:23:53 ADHD means i can become an expert in squirrels by accident but not an expert in Azure on purpose
2019-08-31 03:08:18 A new paper in #BiologyLetters shows that staring down herring gulls stops them stealing your food #RSjournals
2019-08-31 02:53:59 Oh man, look how camouflaged this adorable little pika is!! First time for me ever getting decent photos of one of these little critters … so you get to see four of them!! 😊⛰️🧐#pika #albertawildlife #natureisawesome
2019-08-30 06:23:11 Hesarin sarjakuvasivulla on tänään Philip K. Dick in memoriam -päivä.
2019-08-30 06:13:20 The Lake of Lies. #Liesjärvi
2019-08-28 07:52:21 We're not just the only astronomical radio observatory in Finland, we're now also the only Finnish astronomical radio observatory on Twitter! Kotimaista radiotähtitiedettä nyt myös suomeksi! #metsahovi #metsähovi #radioastronomy #radiotelescope #aaltouniversity #aaltoyliopisto
2019-08-28 03:01:24 Really nice slide from Gene Melzak at @unimelb Researcher Connect event explaining identifiable data and anonymisation in the context of #openscience
2019-08-26 09:41:32 Another beautiful reminder that there was colour in the ancient world, from Nimrud to Rome to Calakmul
2019-08-26 09:37:30 #Emojis in Scholarly Communication: 🔥 or 💩? | @FleerackersA on research by @stefhaustein | preprint | #scholcommlab #scholcomm #socialmedia #altmetrics
2019-08-26 09:26:52 Have you been wondering how to deal with #Facebook 's FBCLID URL parameter in #shiny apps? Well so have I, but with no solution so far. Help! #rstats
2019-08-25 22:23:51 Miksi Islannissa on niin paljon maahanmuuttajia? -Se on tulen ja jään maa
2019-08-24 09:50:42 Happy 67th birthday, Linton Kwesi Johnson.
2019-08-23 07:03:36 tör-keän hieno desktop movie -musavideo!
2019-08-21 16:24:28 👋👋 I just published my blog post about finding the most "innovative" square kilometer in Europe using the data from @gderasse & co!
2019-08-21 07:41:39 The cover image of @WileyCTChem is designed by Jyrki Hokkanen @CSCfi to accompany the article by @susisle @helsinkiuni
2019-08-20 05:16:49 Aloin mielenkiinnosta vilkuilemaan, että millaisia argumentteja tarjottiin kahdeksan tunnin maksimityöaikaa vastaan, kun eduskunta tästä keskusteli (ja sen äänesti läpi) vuonna 1917. Arvaatteko?
2019-08-17 02:58:47 carnegie library workers unionizing with the steelworkers is so beautiful I can barely stand it
2019-08-16 07:23:07 Onko roskakatoksessanne näkynyt rottia tai rotan jälkiä? Tarvitsen kuvia rotista/rottien jäljistä jäteastioissa, jätekatoksissa yms. - kaikki kuvamateriaali otetaan kiitollisena vastaan (tuomas.aivelo(ät)!
2019-08-16 06:58:56 Olen jotenkin ylpeä siitä, että mulle on alakoulun ekoilla luokilla opetettu matikkaa joukko-opin kautta. Koen itseni uniikiksi, ei tarvitse ottaa tatuointia tms.
2019-08-16 03:12:10 AI in #education has been around us since the late 70s, says Barbara Wasson, director of the @SlateResearch. #edtech #nuasforum /#nuas19
2019-08-15 20:00:05 Nocturnal street scenes of 1920s Berlin by Lesser Ury (1861 – 1931)
2019-08-14 18:59:32 Takeaways from Juho Leinonen’s presentation of #MOOC admissions vs traditional admissions. #MOOC admitted students: ✅ had higher GPA ✅ had higher degree completion ❌ took longer to graduate ❌ were mostly men — resulted in less women entering the program #ICER19
2019-08-12 19:24:50 Naamankuvaaja, kasvuoppinut ja paikkuus. Professori Martti Rapolan sanakokoelmasta on poimittu tietokantamuotoon tuhansia 1800-luvulla suomen kieleen vakiintuneita uudissanoja. #uudissanat #1800luku
2019-08-11 19:12:43 Billions of years ago, the atoms inside of you were born in the Big Bang. You may not be an astronaut, but you have been in outer space.
2019-08-10 23:54:17 Pseudoscorpions have been about a long, long, time: almost 400 million years. Try that humans.
2019-08-10 23:54:02 There is - in my eyes - something a little walrusy about some #springtail faces. I guess it's the bristles. There's also something sad in both.
2019-08-10 23:45:54 What does 50 years of human migration look like? The percentage of migrants worldwide has actually held steady at 3% in that time span. For @NatGeo, I worked on how to visualize this in a graphic. THREAD (1/18).
2019-08-10 23:37:13 Just back from his place in Kuhmo. During the 5 night stay there we saw how wolves and bears get along. That said, these photographs are just lovely. The first one has become so popular that there’s now a T-shirt of it is warmly recommended.